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Kids activity boxes for all Celebrations

Making holidays and festivals fun and special


All activities are focused on celebrating festivals and highly approved by kids. We value our culture and traditions and hope to pass it on to the next generation.


Each festival box is carefully put together to make holidays fun and special. Our goal is to have families celebrate and make memories together.


We have an activity based learning approach. While also learning about festivals, all our activities are curated to encourage Art alongside STEM.


Everything is included in the box so that you simply open and get started.

Our Boxes

What parents are saying...

The art projects are fun and well planned out. My 3.5 yr old loved the puzzles.

The art projects are new, fun well planned out and open ended so the kids can use their creativity. Perfect way to introduce Indian holidays to the little ones

Thank you for doing such important work. We read the book, did the puzzle and now can’t wait to make the muffins!

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